Gucci Reversible GG Wool Poncho 553118 Brown

Gucci Reversible GG Wool Poncho 553118 Brown

Gucci GG wool stole 675876

The House's most emblematic symbols are continually reimagined in creative new ways. Here the GG motif, representative of Founder Guccio Gucci's initials, appears as a brown detail on this black wool stole. The style is completed by tassel ends.
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gg 675876


  • Black wool stole with brown GG
  • Tassel detail
  • W70cm x L210cm
  • 100% wool
  • Specialist dry clean
  • Genuine quality.
  • Colour As picture shown.
  • 100% Real Shot photo of exact goods

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Aug ,08 2022
My Evelyne has a smooth button closure, shiny hardware, accurate shape, and an accurate stamp (see below on this). I wanted a bag that I could confidently wear while traveling—no one wears Hermes where I live. I love this bag and would have no problems wearing this bag anywhere I go! - Latte
Aug ,05 2022
Oh goodness. Oh mama. She's so nice that I reached purse peace (for about 3 days, now I want a Chanel 22, what can you do?). The Saint Laurent rocks the grain de poudre embossed leather. I LOVE soft leather and am OBSESSED with my Chanel S Factory Lambskin. When my first Caviar Classic Flap arrived I was confused and unexcited. But I much prefer the feel of the Saint Laurent grain de poudre over the Chanel caviar, and I feel like the bag also has the sass to carry the embossed leather off. This isn't a bag for a woman who babies her bags. This is a bag for a woman who smokes when she drinks and wakes up under coffee tables (this is not me by the way). The tougher leather fits. - Mary
Aug ,03 2022
I'm glad I finally pulled the trigger on this bag! I've never been a fan, but now I can see why it's so popular. It's such a cute bag, and not worth the price tag from Bottega -- with a replica this good. - Tiffany
Jul ,31 2022
Leather quality is superior, a little bit textured and got a nice sheen and feels extremely soft.I was concerned about the stitching, but there is not a single flaw, it’s even and extremely clean around the whole bag.The inside also feels premium and is quite soft. The hardware parts are well made and feel heavy and durable.The inside zipper is flawless and worked perfectly so far. Same for the magnet, super strong! The chain is also quite heavy and feels quality wise very premium like. To sum it up, the quality of the bag is a straight 10/10 for me without any doubt! - Nancy
Jul ,29 2022
I'm going to be honest, the quality of this bag went beyond our expectations. I wouldn't say it was a cheap purchase considering its price. Everything seemed almost perfect! My First impression on these was really good and it stayed that way after the overall checking. My sis used this more than her other bags because it looks really great! Although it is not a mens bag but I really admire how well these are made so well. But if you're a male wanting these bags we don't judge and wear bags that you love! Don't mind others :) As what I've said last time, always wear it with confidence and with great styling! Thanks again! - Patricia
Jul ,26 2022
Just by smelling and holding the bag you can tell that it has a really great Quality. I’m so surprised that by comparing it to the auth this bag is very very accurate! I honestly can’t see a difference neither in shape or color. In the beginning I was afraid that the swift leather would be very delicate and would scratch easily, but surprisingly its not! The front logo is near perfect! I believe that I can bring this bag to a Hermes store and not being called out. The stiching is neat and beautiful, color is accurate to the auth and the engraving on the hardware is same as auth. - Elisa
Jul ,24 2022
When I first unboxed this bag, it felt luxurious (no fufu). Some canvas can feel plasticky or low quality, but this one felt quite sturdy. There's a beautiful texture to the canvas where you really feel the pebbling on the surface. The canvas is not shiny and more on the matte side. I love the leather accents on this bag as it elevates the canvas - cowhide leather trimming and strap feels so good and luxurious - the snaps are easy to pop off and the leather loops easily slide down to the other ends for the over-the-shoulder length. I wonder why LV doesn't use this on more bags. The magnetic front closure is very strong and you feel resistance when pulling it open. All the hardware feels sturdy and heavy - things are easy/smooth to operate. Stitching is beautifully done, very clean and carefully stitched. Nary a loose stitch in sight, and I feel the bag could stand the test of time. The interior microfiber lining feels thick and substantial. - Angel
Jul ,22 2022
From the moment I opened the outer box, I knew this bag was going to be different than any other bag I'd purchased in the past. I've been purchasing bag for over 10 years and this packaging was spot on. I'm sure many of us are familiar with dented boxes, crushed corners, etc. Not this one. The Chanel box was shipped inside a very sturdy outer box and on every corner there were hard plastic protectors. I was frankly shocked, in a good way. The Chanel box was pristine, with the correct tissue paper, camelia, ribbon, care booklet, polishing cloth, bag, etc. The scent of leather that came when I opened the box was amazing. No fufu smell here. I own 2 authentic lambskin bags from Chanel (1 vintage and 1 brand new) and this lambskin is just as smooth and supple. There are no loose stiches. I am extremely satisfied with this purchase, I would highly recommend this bag . - Eleine
Jul ,19 2022
Leather feels great quality, soft ant supple. No fufu smell, just lovely leather smell. After a few days of wearing it's very faint now. Turn locks and zipper very smooth. Bag strap very flexible. I am in love with this bag and it's quality. I am honestly blown away by how identical it is to authentic, so much so I will be storming H store next week to try on a regular sized 2424, while wearing my replica. Let's see what their reaction will be. - Amina
Jul ,18 2022
To me, this is a killer replica! I was worried about the coloration of the canvas and especially the Rose Ballerine interior, but I am thrilled to report that it's quite accurate! I compiled a checklist of major call-outs that I wanted to avoid and this bag passed the test. The only reason I am taking off a half-point for Quality and Accuracy is because it's a replica and I am new to this world, so I thought I would give a little realistic wiggle room for posterity. I am 100% satisfied with my purchase. The price point is right and the quality is amazing. - Sisley