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Ellena Noble
Dec ,05 2022
After waiting for more than ten days, I finally received my brown Birkin across the ocean! The store is so awesome, the moment you open the box, you feel that it is very valuable, the packaging and bag are perfect, I am so happy with the quality. So stunning! - Ellena Noble
Doris Gibson
Dec ,05 2022
The work of craftsmanship is so amazing! it can be said that the details are exactly the same, there is no difference at all, the leather is almost close to the original, it is rare!! - Doris Gibson
Meghan O
Dec ,03 2022
My friend bought several from here and recommended me to come here. The first black gold Hermes Birkin I bought has arrived. The workmanship and leather materials are really good, and the price is very beautiful. Prepare to buy more to carry different each days. - Meghan O'Doherty
Cerys Frank
Nov ,24 2022
It’s such an elegant color. I originally planned to get it in the Hermes store, but I’m impatient to wait too long for the delivery. I accidentally found this store. The reviews are pretty good, so I want to order one to see the quality and workmanship. The leather, hardware, lettering, etc are exact same as authentic. is almost close, it is simply amazing! I booked Kelly again, and I am going to travel. Thank you so much. - Cerys Frank
Nia Durham
Nov ,20 2022
It really looks good no matter how you look at it. The seagull gray and milkshake white under the warm light have an extra soft temperament. So beautiful! - Nia Durham
Leonie Vargas
Nov ,05 2022
this grey color is really elegant. 25cm is just right for me and very cute. I am very satisfied with the leather material, workmanship, metal lettering, and bronzing! For someone like me who often buy bags from the hermes store, it’s no problem to carry their bags to the store :) - Leonie Vargas
Oct ,28 2022
Love this bags of mine, the stich is clean and handicrafted well. No question looks original, Love to order more, can’t wait - Lourvi
Sep ,30 2022
Hermes Swift are so Softtt! Just like baby skin! Really recommend to anyone to look for this pink! So Pretty. 100% love it! - tiffany
Sep ,27 2022
This is the second Hermes birkin in togo leather have bought. The work of the workmanship are really good! The seller is really trustworthy. By the way, their price are really so cheap compare to authentic and the quality are exact same.( i did bring to hermes store to compare) - Magdalena
Sep ,21 2022
This Togo leather feels so buttery and expensive I looove it. It also feels very sturdy, I am not afraid it will easily scratch whilst using it. Even though I’ll probably using it for fancy Brunches lol. The stitching is super clean, even better than on my Kelly Ado backpack I think. I can’t see anything out of place with this bag: ever little thing is super on point and cut to precision. The gold hardware also looks and feels just great! Togo leather is my favorite even though I’d like to try more H leathers. - Sylvia