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Jun ,08 2022
It exceeded my expectations! Seller is responsive to all my queries! Absolutely stunning finds ❤️ and nicely and safely ???? my Kelly and pochette are gorgeous! now I'm looking into buying my first birkin???? - Mary
 frau mone
Jun ,04 2022
I love this bag (having owned it for about an hour now, ha). It is bigger than the small Marmont I normally carry in the perfect way so that my Gentle Monster replica I just got will fit nicely along with my free caviar card holder. I truly love this color combo and can't wait to pair it with all sorts of cool and warm tones. This bag is so soft I prefer it to my cat. There was no fufu smell when I received it! - frau mone
Jun ,04 2022
UGHHHH I knew I would be obsessed with the Puzzle and I'm even more so now, I'm glad I bought a bag style I didn't have yet (belt bag) and the design is more secure than taking a normal purse while traveling, The quality is phenomenal and I'm excited to see how this bag matures, While this is technically labeled as a men's bag, it's is such a vibe on a petite woman lol. - Elisa
Apr ,18 2022
The bags are well constructed - symmetrical lines, stitches, and placement of hardware. Quilts are not overly puffy and seem to be consistent in size/puffiness across the bag. Caviar leather on both of these bags is beautiful. Both leathers have a nice sheen without being overly shiny. I understand that caviar leather is durable but I’ve also heard people describe it as soft. While I’m not sure how soft the leather should feel relative to the "heavy-duty" feel of the caviar pebbled leather, I’ll do my best to describe what it feels like to me. - Abby
Mirela Gaux
Apr ,15 2022
Love it so much, thanks!!! Quality is excellent! - Mirela Gaux
Mirela Gaux
Apr ,15 2022
Thanks. They fits perfectly. Great customer service. - Mirela Gaux
Nur Amina
Apr ,12 2022
My second time shopping with Designerpurse and I am pleased with the quality, will carry on shopping with you in future. - Nur Amina
Apr ,10 2022
The quality of the ostrich leather is unbelievably amazing!! great service! love it so much - Natasha
Apr ,09 2022
Oh god this bag is gorgeous and it's so well made. I have no complains whatsoever on the quality of it. It was my very first bag, and I was so shocked how nice it was. The structure feels sturdy, hardware is weighty but not too heavy. The color is light blue but the camera doesn't pick up the color very well. - Charles
Apr ,07 2022
This bag is so functional. It easily fits over the shoulder and the wool strap is genius. It allows the bag to stay on and not cause shoulder pain. The 4 exterior pockets, also brilliant. There is an interior zip pocket and slip pocket as well. It is such a well designed bag. It just looks and feels luxurious and I love this so much - CC