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Apr ,06 2022
So for the first LV bag I got from here, I was truly blown away with the quality of the leather, details, handiwork (stitching) and hardware. With this bag, I am again amazed, this bag is so well made and the canvas thickness and texture matches my authentic really well, it’s just that perhaps that first bag really set the standards sky high. No points deducted for this feeling since it’s purely subjective. - Apple
Apr ,04 2022
I was prepared to be underwhelmed by my purchase, but it truly exceeded my expectations! My entire household (aka, my mom and sisters lol - my dad just judged us from a distance) was super excited with the arrival of my bag, since none of us expected it to be as perfect as it is. I got the bag today, and have already gone ahead and sent them my super long wishlist, so that I can purchase a few more bags from her. - Amys
Apr ,02 2022
The leather of this bag is just WOW! It has the typical, nice leather smell, no fufu at all. It is very soft to the touch, and the grainy structure looks super beautiful. I have thoroughly inspected the bag and in my opinion, the stitching is perfect. There are no missed stitches, and every stitch is even and located just where it is supposed to be. The golden hardware is beautiful and seems to be high quality. The lock is turning just like my auth and the zipper is running smoothly. This bag is really, really well made! I already sent the pictures to two bagloving friends of mine and they were shocked how good the quality is. - Linda
so love Cousin
Mar ,29 2022
I was totally in awe by the quality when receiving this bag. The leather is beautiful and puffy, with just the right amount of shine. The hardware is heavy, and the etching is very tidy. The stitching outside and inside the bag is immaculate (if there is an issue, I can’t find it). The bag was packaged and protected well, so much so that the LV box is in perfect condition. If you hadn’t already guessed, I am thrilled with this bag. I cant wait to take her out this weekend, I feel I could wear her confidently with no concerns about anyone thinking this was a replica. I think my next replica purchase will be something a little more sophisticated (maybe a Fendi Peekaboo for work), but this Coussin will always be my go to “Brunch on Sundays” bag. - so love Cousin
Mar ,27 2022
I absolutely love this bag and can’t wait to wear it out! I feel like the black hardware makes it casual enough to be an everyday bag. - Luna
Mar ,23 2022
The reason why this bag is great is because of how many times it has been repped for many years. I have touched this bag many times in stores, tried it on, and just people-watched in general. The suede is real and reacts like it - aka its sensitive. The feeling on the monogram and leather feels amazing and when I run my hand through it feels the same way it does on the real thing. Great value, great dupe, honestly, I don't have many things to critique because it just suits me so well and I can not believe someone would spend almost a grand on this bag when here sells this for the fraction of the price. - Elaine
Mar ,20 2022
I have to give this bag a 10/10 because I honestly cannot find anything off about it. The bag smells great, the leather is so soft, the hardware is super sturdy, and every detail (to me) seems perfect! I am already so tempted to buy the same bag in a smaller size/different color - I think the quality is amazing and absolutely think this holds up to the auth! I don’t trust myself with a light colored canvas bag, so I think I am going to Scotch-guard the bag to help protect it from stains. - Ligea
Mar ,20 2022
The bag is gorgeous! The leather smells and feels amazing. The caviar is supple and the grain looks just right. The alignment on the bag is spot on and the quilts have just the right amount of puffiness. The construction and overall shape of the bag seem to be on point. The chains have the wonderful squeakiness. I am very satisfied with my purchase and my experience with the seller. - catherine
Mar ,16 2022
First of all, I should mention that I had the opportunity to go to a Celine store and compare my replica to the auth Belt Bag, as well as the auth Amazone color (they only had the Sangle Seau in this color - another Celine bag that I'm considering). So although I did not have a 1:1 comparison for shape and color, I think I got a pretty good idea on the quality of the replica. Mind you, I walked in there like I owned the place and I was just browsing to complete my Celine family. The SA just told me to let them know if I need help and then got busy with someone else, so I had time to properly look at the bags, take pictures of mine compared to others (with hubby's help) and have a huge smile under my mask, when I was re-confirming what I knew already about replica: that I bloody love them! I absolutely love this bag and I've worn it every day ever since. I've had the chance to go on a day trip, carry all my stuff, do a bit of grocery shopping, admire it close to an auth, and I find it the perfect companion for me! The color compliments my outfits and I cannot wait for the weather to be a bit nicer, so I can pair it with my leather jackets! I am already considering my next Celine purchase! - Betty
a lady love LV
Mar ,16 2022
I am really happy- 10/10 on quality for this bag- everything from the leather to the chain, it’s just 1:1 to the one I fiddled around at the LV store. The leather is very supple, soft and squishy, the magnetic snap closure has the same strength (magnetism) as the one in the store, the strap is flexible and totally foldable (a sign of good leather). No need for any sort of conditioning, it’s supple and soft, flexible leather that really matches the quality of the bag I tried at LV. - a lady love LV