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Mobdro App is one of the finest apps on the market that offers entertainment as online entertainment shows on android smartphones and tablets. You can also get it on iOS device and PC using emulators. Mobdro App and install is direct, safe and easy.

What is Mobdro: For the sake of an introduction, we can define Mobdro App as the app that provides its users with different categories and channel listing to use entertainment, shows, and programs legally. The latest shows and programs updates fall in for the servers used to ignite the resources on the platform.

mobdro official website

Among the top apps in the market in the entertainment category, the users will find many options to go through. However, Mobdro Application prevail even if they are not listed on the official App Stores for the platforms.

About Mobdro App

In the app market, there are several apps that now closely incorporate features like the Mobdro App. So, what is the actual deal with Mobdro? It is an application that none of the app stores have accessed to promote and support, still, it is one of the widely famous names that users opt for. Mobdro App confines the role of the smart and user-friendly features to encourage media entertainment.

The application falls under the category of direct media loading apps where users can access the app via its official website. The app upgrades itself to several versions to bring up the apt services with minimal errors on it.

Moreover, Mobdro content is also updated from time to time for users to access the latest content easily. If you are missing out on the entertainment front, then this app is the one you should surely consider.

Other apps in the market offer loading of media files directly. However, Mobdro applies the concept of TV show casting through channel listings. Users can go through different categories and enter channels of the desired genres.

This detailed intro to the app seems sufficient to express its nature of service and the way it works.

Mobdro App for Various Devices

There are many devices and Operating Softwares that find compatibility with the Mobdro App. Despite the other that do not find the same with Mobdro, there are alternatives that can attempt to reach the services of the application. We are providing this list of Mobdro iOS and Android devices and combinations where Mobdro App can be used.

Official Mobdro for Smartphone

Official Mobdro for Mac or Windows PC

mobdro for mac windows platforms

Mobdro Application is not available officially for Mac or Windows operating softwares. However, with he help of android emulators, we can install Mobdro for PC safely and quickly.

Official Mobdro for Smart TV Device

Use the links to the different setups and install mobdro app from pages to learn how to carry out the process. There are many other options available for popular devices such as Mobdro Fire TV. Despite the individual processes, there is a normal Mobdro APK installation available on the main website.


In order to understand the application and its reach for services in the appropriate manner, users need to learn on its features. The lite version of the application is also filled with many advantageous features that make users opt for the app. Most of the Mobdro Reviews remained positive from users as well as from reviewers. Below is a list of the features that latest Mobdro App version provides to its users;

Mobdro Features


Mobdro App ranges throughout the genres. Users can enjoy any of the channel listed in the categories or look for them under “Others” section. You will find dedicated section below.

Lite App

free app

Mobdro is lite for use and its premium version is vicinity for launch to offer the best services. The lite services also provide everything like Live loading of channels options.


premium version

Mobdro Premium version offers the best services. It provides everything like Live loading of channels, chromecast support, Sleep Timer and options.



Bookmark/favorite the channels that the users would like to frequently approach on the platform. The recently watched channels are indicated on the home page of the app for access.



Moreover, users will also get notifications on the latest programs of their favorite channels. This will help users to not miss the show when it airs on the platform.


mobdro updates

The app updating feature is provided on the platform itself so that the users can check for updates directly. If there is an update available on the servers, the users can opt to get it.

Hence, these are the main features that define the functions of the Mobdro App.

Users will find the same in the lite app version and more with the Premium version. We will get back to the premium version later but the next section will disclose some important details on the channels appearing on Mobdro.

Mobdro App Settings

To get started with the application, users will find the following details on its app settings useful. Whilst using the application, the settings panel from the left side menu bar drops the necessary amendments that can be done with the app system.

​Here are the functions that the Mobdro App settings panel offer;

Player Options

The app settings have default hardware options for its player. Users can disable or enable hardware decoding options for accelerated decoding and encoding features.


Upon Mobile data connection, the Mobdro App tools can search for updates automatically. Users can turn on or off the automatic app updates for their version through this setting.


Under settings panel, the app offers to clear search history upon selection of the tool option. Also, the users can enable the tool to never remember any kind of search history.


It includes the selection of a language from about 12 languages configured into the system. Also, there is an option to enable “Sorting Alphabetically” and “Parental Filter” options as per user’s wish.

Mobdro App Settings

​Hence, these are the options that the users will be able to access the Mobdro App’s settings panel. There are various other options like; Help, About, Favorites, Recently watched, etc. on the panel having a separate selection in the menu.

Mobdro Categories – List of Categories

Now, the excitement to access the application is going to increase as we are going to list out the categories on the Mobdro App. Users can select any of these categories that share common and integrated channels according to the genre of the content. Mobdro App, done by you, will ensure that loading of following category reaches to you. The categories were given as major advantage by reviewers with positive Mobdro Reviews. Check out the details of each category as described in this section.



As the name suggests, this category contains all the popular news channels that the users may opt to watch. Some of the popular channels in this category are; CNBC, NBC News, Fox News, Sky News, CNN, etc.



Most users also love to access Mobdro Sports segment that is popular for its Live and recorded events channels. Some of the popular channels on the list include; Sky Sports, Ten Sports, etc.



Radio shows without visuals and other good fascination follow on the Podcast lists. Popular channels in this list are; Miki Show, The Ellen Show, The soup podcast, Tedtalks, etc.



Famous games played are displayed on the channels. The list names are also according to the games being played. Here are some of the popular game channels on the platform; Power Rangers, etc.



On selecting this option, the app will filter and sort accordingly the most popular channels in the Mobdro TV world. Users can sort the arrangement alphabetically using the tool. Channels like Cartoon Network, CBS, ABC, Discovery, Comedy Central and others fall into this category.



Mobdro is widely famous for its TV shows and program category. Users can find the most popular shows still ongoing various episodes on the platform via their channels. Channel names are as per the show name itself and the show listing follows schedule on which it is already working.



From old hits to blockbusters of the latest era, all the shows can be easily found on the Mobdro platform. A small drawback with channel listing here is that the shows starts at its scheduled time. Programs of various genres are available at different times like; horror, comedy, romance, sci-fi, etc.



Popular music channels are also provided onto the platform through listings. Some of them are; MTV UK, MTV Dance, Channel Aka, Vh1 UK, Heart TV, etc.



This is a new feature channel added to the listing on the platform. Mobdro channels now provide animal channels like; Pacific Ocean Meditation Powered, Waikiki Beach, Great White Shark, etc.



Users can access updates on latest technological advancements in the world. There are channels that offer tech subjects through channels. Some of these are; NASA HD, Earthquake 3D Live, etc



This category is still under amendments by developers. However, users will find different channels on ‘Others’ category that are random and do not directly relate to other categories.



Others category is known for providing random steamings and do not directly relate to other categories.

So, these are the main types of categories that list the resources for the Mobdro App on your smartphone devices. Users can navigate through the channels lists to get the desired content or use the search tools on the platform. You can compare Mobdro Kodi directly. There are several Live channels too on the platform.

Mobdro Channels List – Available & Working

In a total, there are more than 100 channels on the Mobdro App platform. Alot of them include the services offered on TV channels and on the web. The media content of Mobdro App come up from several legal resources on the internet. A majority of the channels are open and work in the appropriate conditions. However, few channels listed on the platform are not available due to errors or permission issues.

Here are the channels that are available and working on the Mobdro App platform;

Abc, History Channel, Syfy, CBS, AMC, USA Network, Cartoon Network, Discovery channel, Starz, Starz Encore, National Geographic, Comedy Central, Animal Planet, Fx, Aaj News, Dragon Ball, Geo News, Dawn News, Turtle Bay, Animation programs, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Christmas, Horror, MTV Rocks, I love Lucy, Scrubs, That 70’s Show, Whose Line Is it anyways?… etc.

ABC streaming
ESPN streaming
FOX TV streamings

Mobdro has more channels in each category and it is growing fast with the advancement of the technology. With every update of the application, the users will find new channels on the list that adds the content for the users to watch directly.

​These are some of the popular channels for which the users come back to the platform.

How to Install Mobdro App?

The official website shares the Mobdro App service and its important information for its users. Moreover, the users will find the latest version of the APK file on the same. Unfortunately, the users will not find the app via any app store. Hence, this is the only official resource for the app’s APK.

how to install mobdro

Follow these steps as given below to get through the Mobdro App Installation process;


Depending on the version requirement of the app, users can access the latest version only on Android greater than 4.1 version. Most of the new Android devices are safe with this factor without any doubt as the version is in the compatible range.


Before Installation, you have to install the application from official or at least authentic source. It is not available on Google Play Store. So, use link given in next step.


On the page, you will find the details on the latest version of the APK file. Select “THE APP” tab to get the APK file onto your device. The link below will also provide you the same from our servers;


After getting the file, you need to configure your Android device for the manual installation of the file.


For this, access the “Unknown Sources” option on the settings panel under “Application or security” option. Tick mark the box with the ‘Unknown sources’ option to activate it.


Then, exit the settings panel and access the Mobdro APK file. Tap on it and select the “Install” option to commence the process.


Select “continue” for the permissions page and allow the installation to proceed.Finally, the installation of the app will complete in some time.

mobdro installation

Go Premium. Be Happy

Enjoy ad-less HD programs, unlimited entertainment, Chromecast support, and sleep timer facility on all your devices.


Apart from the awesome lite app version of the Mobdro App, the users will soon be able to avail the Mobdro Premium version of the App. The premium version offers premium features to its users for the best of entertainment. As of now, the premium version is still under development. Users will see the option to “Go Premium” very soon on the latest version of Mobdro App.

No official dates have been provided for the release, however, the expected cost for the 2.99$. In addition to that, the users will be able to access several benefits on the platform. Here is a list of the Additional and Premium features of the Mobdro App;
why go mobdro premium
advertising free

Advert Less Content

For most users, an app without ads is worth the premium services. Hence, with the Mobdro Premium App, users will be able to enjoy ad-less content on the platform.

Unlimited Steams

Users are not bound by the time restriction or content availability when they wish to do something from the Mobdro Premium App. It offers high-quality visuals with optimum sound playback for the best experience.

downloads unlimited
support chromecast

Chromecast Support

Users who wish to upgrade their program watching experience can avail the Mobdro Chromecast Support with Mobdro Premium. Using Chromecast, the users can transfer the visuals to the larger TV screens and enjoy Safe Mobdro content there.

Set sleep timer

With this tool, the users can easily allow the automatic shutting off of the app and screen display when asleep while watching or so. This sleep timer will be triggered according to time range for no activity on the app or screen.

sleet timer set


After going through the details in this Mobdro Guide, we would like to draw your attention towards the Frequently Asked Questions regarding the app and Mobdro Not working issues. This last section of the post is dedicated to offering the common queries and their resolving methods that are applicable to the Mobdro Application. Simply go through the FAQs and their answers as given below;

How to access Mobdro App officially?

How to purchase Mobdro Premium?

Why does installation error take place?

Why are some channels not available?

Is Mobdro Compatible with Roku?

So, these were few of the Frequently Asked Questions that users may have regarding the Mobdro App. Users do surely reflect other queries similar to these. So, the Mobdro official FAQs page is available for help too.

Finally, this brings us to the end of section here. We hope that this Mobdro Guide has provided apt information to all our readers. For more information and support, contact us here. Thank you, dear readers.